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From logo design to full scale construction drawings & 3D modeling, we have an extensively trained team to assist you. We will never deviate from your corporate branding identity and colours but simply convert your logo into sign language, to create anything from a basic sign to an entire family of signs incorporating your Brands’ look and feel!

Industry Solutions


LED lights be placed in individual fabricated 3D metal sign shell, only the back panel is lighted, amazing halo effect with reverse channel make your signs be the focus, both letters & logos could be custom LED backlit sign, widely be used outdoor or indoor. Fit for business (storefront, shop, office, restaurant, etc.), house, building, church, school, reception and wall.


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Signage Manufacturing Services

Aluminium Showcase
Have a look at our aluminium showcase.
Take a look at our showcase and you may find the perfect design, look or creative way of making your desired sign look absolutely superb. We offer cut out letters on spacer pins, reverse cut out, anodised, brushed or sprayed to your specific pantone reference.

PVC and Large Format Showcase
Have a look at our PVC and Large Format signage showcase
PVC Banners are made to clients size, design, and material specifications. A picture can be printed directly onto the material, or a vinyl decal can be cut and adhered to the material, ensuring a sturdy and durable design.

Chromadek Signage
Have a look at our Chromadeck signage showcase
We offer Chromadek signs in almost any size. Standard sizes are 2450mm x 1225mm or 3000mm x 1225mm. We do cut to size and apply cut out vinyl or full colour vinyl prints to these signs. We do also offer frames and poles if thats what you need done.

Have a look at our Perspex showcase
We offer Perspex signs in all manner of different shapes and designs. From a straight forward, clear perspex sheet, on barrel spacers, to elaborate 3D fabricated Perspex elements and even LED Lightboxes. Please brows through our showcase to see what the some of the possibility are.

Have a look at our Pigmented and Frosted Vinyl signage showcase
We do various applications using vinyl. Whether it be a simple one-colour design or a more complex multi-colour design. Vinyl signage consists of a sheet/sheets of vinyl, either pigmented, printed or frosted, cut precisely to a specified design with a specialised machine, that is then adhered to almost any clean surface. This includes cars, sign-boards, banners, windows, etc.

Custom Signs and Signage
Have a look at our custom made signage showcase
Many companies require a sign to be installed but lack the structure to support the signage. We can tailor make a structure that will securely and safely hold the sign in place. Whether it be an indoor structure suspended from the roof or a large support structure to be seen from the road, we will create a solution.

Have a look at our lightbox signage showcase
We can create almost any light box to suite your needs. Whether it be a simple square light box, 3-Dimensional illuminated lettering, or a simple design that needs to be backlit. These boxes are all sealed and lit from within, and can have vinyl cutouts or colour printed decals put on. This creates a great way of having an illuminated sign with no hassles involved.

We are also proud to offer cutting edge LED signage. LED’s are definitely the popular way to go now days and the elegant look and finish is a sure hit. LED Signage can be split into two main areas, namely LED’s on the back of cut out aluminium letters, to create a ‘Halo Effect’ and the second being LED strip inside fabricated or box perspex letters.

Curved face, or Modular Showcase
Have a look at our Curved face and Modular signage showcase.
Here we offer you the complete solution to indoor and outdoor signage. Curved face signs have become very popular in recent times, and we offer quite a few variations in numerous sizes. We can also custom make these signs to your specific requirements.

Vehicle Branding
Have a look at our vehicle branding showcase
This is great way to turn company cars into an effective form of advertisement, while remaining fully functional. We also do stickers and magnetic signs for vehicles, as well as specialising in graphics for racing cars, Emergency Vehicles, etc.

Different Signage solutions all in one environment
In order to reinforce your brand and image you may choose to use many different signage options all in one environment to create a spectacular visual impact

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Both the letters and logo could be the custom LED backlit signs. With more than 15 years signs maker experience, we do know how to make the design and the effect in your dream to a really reverse channel signs with amazing halo effect. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, for shop or for building our custom backlit signs will always so beautiful.
A high quality custom LED backlit signage provide a unique and eye-catching approach to any signage concept. The LED lighting comes from behind the signage shell via the acrylic back-panel, which creates a very impressive and professional business appearance. It is very popular, the amazing halo effect will make your signage is prestigious and high-end image. The signs is individual and 3D, the sophisticated halo lighting effect guarantees your sign will be visible and attractive to passersby both day and night.

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How We Solve Problem

Site Surveys

A Metal Signage representative will do a full site survey on one or multiple sites where necessary to ensure that the signage is manufactured to the correct size specification.Consideration is also taken on existing signs in the area. The site survey also allows us to plan the installation of the sign and to determine height and ease of access. The information and pictures from the site survey will be carried forward to the design department and it forms a critical part of the process to provide proper drawings that are to scale.

Graphic Design

Metal Signage boasts an exceptionally creative, experienced and professional design team.
Collectively holding over 15 years of design experience, from Logo redraws, to photo-realistic renders to 3D production/CAD files, we have a design solution to meet your needs.

Formats include vector files (.ai, .cdr, .pdf, .eps), image files (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp) and 3D files (.3dm, .skp, .dxf, dwg)


While our designers can dazzle you with pretty pictures, the drawings don’t always do justice to the actual finished product. Once we have received notification of intent to proceed with an order and there is the slightest hesitation of the client not having a full understanding of the look and feel or the workings of the sign, we offer the service of prototyping or manufacturing a section of the sign as a sample prior to full scale production taking place.


Personalized signs bring personality to your businesses and home, they have the ability to include personal details, include the letters and the logo, but still maintain a professional look and feel. Personalized design with 3D metal signage shell, LED inside, acrylic back-panel is illuminated, everyone likes the amazing halo effect of personalized backlit signs, which cloud be widely used indoor outdoor. They could be the business signs or a home signs.

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