Pylon Signage

Often referred to as Totem poles or freestanding signs, Pylon Signs are typically mounted high in the air, offering excellent visibility from a distance, and at night. With recent studies showing 30% of all traffic on most business street occurring after dark, illuminating your Pylon Sign or Totem pole is not only a benefit, but also a necessity. Signage is the least expensive and most effective form of advertising for both local and national retail businesses. Pylon signage in particular is a great way to advertise your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These free-standing signs are concreted into the ground, highly visible and help direct traffic to a business location and communicate a message to the public. Our scope of Totem Polesand Pylon Signage are customised to client requirements. We welcome requests for custom assembling for Totem Pole Signage and Pylon Signage. Totem Pole signage are made for regularly Petrol Stations, But in light of good tallness This High Rise Signage is additionally utilized at Malls, Factories and Institutes. The Outdoor Pylon Signage increases the visibilty of the business to pedestrains and drivers passing by Pylon Signage for your Business Pylon signs are one of the best ways to spend your advertising rands as you only have to pay once for several years of great advertising. A pylon sign or Totem Pole is as an effective way to increase both profits and sales in a business thus improving profitability, making these signs a worthwhile investment for any business owner. Historically a pylon sign is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, and any business has to consider the benefits of a custom pylon sign. Known for our unique designs and fabrication methods, Metal Signage will create your Pylon Sign to match the architecture of your building and brand, while abiding by any applicable city or township restrictions to create a sign that will ultimately get noticed.

Benefits of Custom Pylon Signage
Pylon signs are durable and long-lasting and can help give your business a professional and respectable appearance that will stand the test of time. Use a pylon sign to advertise products, services, brands, and specialities in order to attract every potential customer that passes your place of business. Stand out from the crowd with a professionally built, attractive stand-alone, high-quality custom pylon sign and watch your business take-off. It is important to recognize that customers will often make very fast and subconscious judgments about a company based entirely on their first impression and you can use this to your advantage. Luckily you can use this to your advantage by harnessing the power of custom illuminated pylon signs to advertise your brand, products, and services to potential customers. A pylon sign will attract new customers to a business as well as serving as a reminder for past customers. A pylon sign helps to develop a businesses reputation and brand awareness, working for you 24/7 even when the business is not open, a pylon sign will keep working to improve brand awareness and assist in making a business a household name.

Customize Your Pylon Sign

Available single or double-sided Can be illuminated or not depending on your preference Single or double post Medium to large scale Fabricated from aluminum and steel to create a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colours Optional full color high-resolution graphics Optional LED border
Pylon Signs Are Suitable For Most Businesses

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