About the LED backlit signs

From logo design to full scale construction drawings & 3D modeling, we have an extensively trained team to assist you. We will never deviate from your corporate branding identity and colours but simply convert your logo into sign language, to create anything from a basic sign to an entire family of signs incorporating your Brands’ look and feel!

Industry Solutions


LED lights be placed in individual fabricated 3D metal sign shell, only the back panel is lighted, amazing halo effect with reverse channel make your signs be the focus, both letters & logos could be custom LED backlit sign, widely be used outdoor or indoor. Fit for business (storefront, shop, office, restaurant, etc.), house, building, church, school, reception and wall.


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Sandton, Johannesburg


About the LED backlit signs


LED backlit signs works well both indoors & outdoors, whether day or night, the excellent halo effect makes your sign always be the focus, fit for business, building and home. The amazing halo effect would make the 3D metal signs appear to “floating” on the wall, it’s so special, beautiful and eye-catching. It also be called as LED halo lit signs or LED reverse channel sign, it’s individual and 3D, only the back-panel is lighted. It is one of the most common LED illuminated signs, be widely used exterior and interior, include:

  • Businesses: bar, store, hotel, restaurant, hair salon, SPA, dental clinic and law firm etc.
  • Organisation: hospital, school, library, museum and church etc.
  • Indoor: Office, lobby, reception and restroom etc.
  • Outdoor: Building, wall, storefront and house etc.


Based on different acrylic back-panel, we divided the LED backlit signs into two models:

  • Luxury model: Parts of the acrylic back-panel is exposed out of the 3D metal signs shell, this type signs need not to off wall, people can see the lighting from the visible acrylic back-panel directly. The brightness is very good and the halo effect is strong. Used for luxury brand store mostly.
  • Common model: The acrylic back-panel is in the 3D metal signs shell, be used to get the uniform lighting. The lighting must be reflected by the backing wall before it can be seen by people. Considering the reflectivity of the wall, the brightness of this model is good, but poorer than the luxury model. Although the halo effect is still very beautiful, it is poorer than the luxury model too. This type signs must off wall, we recommend the common model off the wall about 10mm~20mm(0.4”~0.8”) for the best halo effect.


We recommend hiring professional installer to finish the installation job. Because needing to use the stud blots to fix on the backing wall, will drill holes on the wall for the stud bolts and cables also need to connect cables, professional installers can make the signage have much better final effect. Of course, if you have enough hands-on ability and is a licensed electrician, you can try to install it yourself.


The maintenance job is really simple. Only needs a soft cloth with seldom clean fresh water. It is not recommended to wipe with a cleaning solution containing alcohol or other organic ingredients to avoid damaging the outside of the shell, especially when the metal signs shell’s surface be painted, powder coated or plated.

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Both the letters and logo could be the custom LED backlit signs. With more than 15 years signs maker experience, we do know how to make the design and the effect in your dream to a really reverse channel signs with amazing halo effect. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, for shop or for building our custom backlit signs will always so beautiful.
A high quality custom LED backlit signage provide a unique and eye-catching approach to any signage concept. The LED lighting comes from behind the signage shell via the acrylic back-panel, which creates a very impressive and professional business appearance. It is very popular, the amazing halo effect will make your signage is prestigious and high-end image. The signs is individual and 3D, the sophisticated halo lighting effect guarantees your sign will be visible and attractive to passersby both day and night.

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How We Solve Problem

Site Surveys

A Metal Signage representative will do a full site survey on one or multiple sites where necessary to ensure that the signage is manufactured to the correct size specification.Consideration is also taken on existing signs in the area. The site survey also allows us to plan the installation of the sign and to determine height and ease of access. The information and pictures from the site survey will be carried forward to the design department and it forms a critical part of the process to provide proper drawings that are to scale.

Graphic Design

Metal Signage boasts an exceptionally creative, experienced and professional design team.
Collectively holding over 15 years of design experience, from Logo redraws, to photo-realistic renders to 3D production/CAD files, we have a design solution to meet your needs.

Formats include vector files (.ai, .cdr, .pdf, .eps), image files (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp) and 3D files (.3dm, .skp, .dxf, dwg)


While our designers can dazzle you with pretty pictures, the drawings don’t always do justice to the actual finished product. Once we have received notification of intent to proceed with an order and there is the slightest hesitation of the client not having a full understanding of the look and feel or the workings of the sign, we offer the service of prototyping or manufacturing a section of the sign as a sample prior to full scale production taking place.

Industry Services

From logo design to full scale construction drawings & 3D modeling, we have an extensively trained team to assist you. We will never deviate from your corporate branding identity and colours but simply convert your logo into sign language, to create anything from a basic sign to an entire family of signs incorporating your Brands’ look and feel!

In our strive to provide a full turn-key process, Brandsigns Holdings can also provide complete engineered drawings if requested. The services include engineering, foundation base drawings with fabrication and fixing detail. This will then be signed off by our local structural engineer.

Some of the products that we specialize in the manufacturing of, include:

Illuminated Signs and Lightboxes
Metal, Aluminium & Acrylic Cut Out Letters
Flex Face Signs
Fabricated 3D Letters & Vacuum Forming
Neon Signs
Pylon Signs
Digital Printing
Fire Signage

It is required by law that all exterior signage require approval by the local municipal council prior to manufacture and installation. Brandsigns Holdings offers a service to arrange for the approval of any exterior signage. We understand the requirements and will provide all necessary drawings and negotiate with the municipal council on your behalf if necessary

Our broad installation/distribution network includes Bloemfontein, Durban, George, Limpopo, Northern Cape, Port Elizabeth, Ghana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

Our professional Installation/distribution teams are fully equipped for international travel.

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